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PornHub said: %s

Exception Class:

Raise code

or_msg = self._html_search_regex(
            webpage, 'error message', default=None, group='error')
        if error_msg:
            error_msg = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', error_msg)
            raise ExtractorError(
                'PornHub said: %s' % error_msg,
                expected=True, video_id=video_id)

        # video_title from flashvars contains whitespace instead of non-ASCII (see
        #, not relying
        # on that anymore.
        title = self._html_search_meta(
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Ways to fix

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When you are trying to download a video that has been deleted or disabled, you will get that kind of error. For example, in the command line:


will get an error

[PornHub] 1331683002: Downloading pc webpage
ERROR: 1331683002: PornHub said: Video has been flagged for verification in acco
rdance with our trust and safety policy

Need to choose the correct video link to download the video.

Jun 26, 2021 anonim answer
anonim 13.0k

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