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Invalid egg file name: (param1)

Exception Class:

Raise code

def egg2wheel(egg_path, dest_dir):
    filename = os.path.basename(egg_path)
    match = egg_info_re.match(filename)
    if not match:
        raise WheelError('Invalid egg file name: {}'.format(filename))

    egg_info = match.groupdict()
    dir = tempfile.mkdtemp(suffix="_e2w")
    if os.path.isfile(egg_path):
        # assume we have a bdist_egg otherwise
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Ways to fix

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To be compiled to the wheel, the .egg filename must match the next format:


Examples of correct name:


The arch param is missing in the example and it is ok, because he is optional, as you can see in RegExp (it has ?). However, filename can also include architecture if it has some native architecture compatible dependencies inside:


The info:

  • "Egg" is a single file distribution format for Python projects.
  • They hold some metadata such as licensing details, release dependencies, etc.
  • The .egg file is a .zip file. So if you change the extension to “zip”, you can extract the archive.
  • if you have some .egg file, you could install it as a package using easy_install the command
  • Read how to create an egg in python to try it out

May 08, 2021 ivictbor answer

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