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Installer filename %s is not valid

Exception Class:

Raise code

    # Parse the wininst filename
    # 1. Distribution name (up to the first '-')
    w_name, sep, rest = wininfo_name.partition('-')
    if not sep:
        raise ValueError("Installer filename %s is not valid" % (wininfo_name,))

    # Strip '.exe'
    rest = rest[:-4]
    # 2. Python version (from the last '-', must start with 'py')
    rest2, sep, w_pyver = rest.rpartition('-')
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Ways to fix

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An exception occurs when you pass the filename of wininst (e.g. .exe or .zip file) is not valid. To be valid it should contain hyphen (-) and dot (. ):

e.g. name-py3.6.exe is valid

To reproduce I suggest creating a fake small empty zip package

echo 12 > file.txt
zip file.txt
pipenv run wheel convert

You will see the desired exception.

Now we will rename name to be a valid:



pipenv run wheel convert

As you can see now it works ok.

May 17, 2021 vsemeniuk answer
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For the right wheel convert format see wheel readthedocs

May 17, 2021 ivictbor answer

Add a possible fix

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