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Only http, socks4, socks5 proxy protocols are supported

Exception Class:

Raise code

            self.proxy_port = options.get("http_proxy_port", 0)
            self.auth = options.get("http_proxy_auth", None)
            self.no_proxy = options.get("http_no_proxy", None)
            self.proxy_protocol = options.get("proxy_type", "http")
            # Note: If timeout not specified, default python-socks timeout is 60 seconds
            self.proxy_timeout = options.get("timeout", None)
            if self.proxy_protocol not in ['http', 'socks4', 'socks4a', 'socks5', 'socks5h']:
                raise ProxyError("Only http, socks4, socks5 proxy protocols are supported")
            self.proxy_port = 0
            self.auth = None
            self.no_proxy = None
            self.proxy_protocol = "http"

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