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char_to_token() is not available when using Python based tokenizers

Exception Class:

Raise code


            :obj:`int`: Index of the token.

        if not self._encodings:
            raise ValueError("char_to_token() is not available when using Python based tokenizers")
        if char_index is not None:
            batch_index = batch_or_char_index
            batch_index = 0
            char_index = batch_or_char_index
        return self._encodings[batch_index].char_to_token(char_index, sequence_index)
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Ways to fix

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BatchEncoding class is derived from a python dictionary and can be used like a dictionary. In addition, this class exposes utility methods to map from word/character space to token space. char_to_token gets the index of the token in the encoded output comprising a character in the original string for a sequence of the batch.

Error code:

from transformers.tokenization_utils_base import BatchEncoding

speech = {"input_values": ["Hello","Welcome","Everyone"]}
encoded_inputs = BatchEncoding(speech)  <----#Error here 

We have to declare our encoding in Batchendocing. It's the most important part because otherwise, an error comes.

Fix code:

from transformers.tokenization_utils_base import BatchEncoding
from tokenizers import Encoding as EncodingFast

speech = {"input_values": ["Hello","Welcome","Everyone"]}
encoded_inputs = BatchEncoding(speech,encoding=EncodingFast()) <---#encoding is here
Jul 02, 2021 anonim answer
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