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The given v should contain a single Tensor.

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Exception Class:

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def _validate_v(v, other, is_other_tuple):
    # This assumes that other is the correct shape, and v should match
    # Both are assumed to be tuples of Tensors
    if len(other) != len(v):
        if is_other_tuple:
            raise RuntimeError("v is a tuple of invalid length: should be {} but got {}.".format(len(other), len(v)))
            raise RuntimeError("The given v should contain a single Tensor.")

    for idx, (el_v, el_other) in enumerate(zip(v, other)):
        if el_v.size() != el_other.size():
            prepend = ""
            if is_other_tuple:
                prepend = "Entry {} in ".format(idx)
            raise RuntimeError("{}v has invalid size: should be {} but got {}.".format(
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