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Node target ( not found!

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Exception Class:

Raise code

        if node.op == 'placeholder':
            base_mod_env[] = base_mod_graph.placeholder(
        elif node.op == 'get_attr':
            base_mod_env[] = base_mod_graph.get_attr(
            attr_val = m
            for atom in'.'):
                if not hasattr(attr_val, atom):
                    raise RuntimeError(f'Node target {} not found!')
                attr_val = getattr(attr_val, atom)
            base_mod_attrs[] = attr_val

    # Do some things iterating over the partitions in topological order again:
    # 1) Finish off submodule Graphs by setting corresponding outputs
    # 2) Construct GraphModules for each submodule
    # 3) Construct the base graph by emitting calls to those submodules in
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