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Expected dim to be an integer greater than or equal to 2. Found dim=(dim).

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Exception Class:

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    Daniel Lewandowski, Dorota Kurowicka, Harry Joe.
    arg_constraints = {'concentration': constraints.positive}
    support = constraints.corr_cholesky

    def __init__(self, dim, concentration=1., validate_args=None):
        if dim < 2:
            raise ValueError(f'Expected dim to be an integer greater than or equal to 2. Found dim={dim}.')
        self.dim = dim
        self.concentration, = broadcast_all(concentration)
        batch_shape = self.concentration.size()
        event_shape = torch.Size((dim, dim))
        # This is used to draw vectorized samples from the beta distribution in Sec. 3.2 of [1].
        marginal_conc = self.concentration + 0.5 * (self.dim - 2)
        offset = torch.arange(self.dim - 1, dtype=self.concentration.dtype, device=self.concentration.device)
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