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attempted relative import with no known parent package

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Exception Class:

Raise code

e TypeError("module name must be str, not {}".format(type(name)))
    if level < 0:
        raise ValueError("level must be >= 0")
    if level > 0:
        if not isinstance(package, str):
            raise TypeError("__package__ not set to a string")
        elif not package:
            raise ImportError(
                "attempted relative import with no known parent " "package"
    if not name and level == 0:
        raise ValueError("Empty module name")

def _calc___package__(globals):
    """Calcu """
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Ways to fix

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This is very easy way to fix this problem is -

Step 1 : creating setup file -

from setuptools import setup, find_packages

setup(name = 'package_name', packages = find_packages())

step 2: Run this - python install

It will create package into site_packages and make your custom package global.

Get complete detail here

Feb 28, 2022 scien.abhishek answer
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The exception is thrown when importing a module with relative import(start with a dot).

Relative import is used to import a package from the same level where you are.

├ mylib/
│ ├
│ └

For example, you have file structures like this.

inside, you could have from . import module2, because here the . stands for mylib.

Each file (folder) has its parent. So relative import helps us to call parents of files easily. But when we trying to call a parent model which it doesn't have a parent, we will get an error.

Error code:

from .torch import nn

We can't use the above code, because the torch itself is a top-level parent, it doesn't have a parent package.

Fix version:

from torch import nn

 You can check here to get more information about error.

Oct 05, 2021 anonim answer
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Add a possible fix

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