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Invalid NaN comparison

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Exception Class:

Raise code

        evaluate = options.pop('evaluate', global_parameters.evaluate)
        if evaluate:
            for me in (lhs, rhs):
                if me.is_extended_real is False:
                    raise TypeError("Invalid comparison of non-real %s" % me)
                if me is S.NaN:
                    raise TypeError("Invalid NaN comparison")
            # First we invoke the appropriate inequality method of `lhs`
            # (e.g., `lhs.__lt__`).  That method will try to reduce to
            # boolean or raise an exception.  It may keep calling
            # superclasses until it reaches `Expr` (e.g., `Expr.__lt__`).
            # In some cases, `Expr` will just invoke us again (if neither it
            # nor a subclass was able to reduce to boolean or raise an
            # exception).  In that case, it must call us with
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