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cannot determine truth value of Relational

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Exception Class:

Raise code

        return self.func(trigsimp(self.lhs, **opts), trigsimp(self.rhs, **opts))

    def expand(self, **kwargs):
        args = (arg.expand(**kwargs) for arg in self.args)
        return self.func(*args)

    def __bool__(self):
        raise TypeError("cannot determine truth value of Relational")

    def _eval_as_set(self):
        # self is univariate and periodicity(self, x) in (0, None)
        from sympy.solvers.inequalities import solve_univariate_inequality
        from sympy.sets.conditionset import ConditionSet
        syms = self.free_symbols
        assert len(syms) == 1
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