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Not inside a project

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Exception Class:

Raise code

            return True
    return bool(closest_scrapy_cfg())

def project_data_dir(project='default'):
    """Return the current project data dir, creating it if it doesn't exist"""
    if not inside_project():
        raise NotConfigured("Not inside a project")
    cfg = get_config()
    if cfg.has_option(DATADIR_CFG_SECTION, project):
        d = cfg.get(DATADIR_CFG_SECTION, project)
        scrapy_cfg = closest_scrapy_cfg()
        if not scrapy_cfg:
            raise NotConfigured("Unable to find scrapy.cfg file to infer project data dir")
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Ways to fix

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scrapy crawl was ran outside project directory.

To fix:

Navigate to the folder where you ran scrapy startproject and run scrapy crawl

May 28, 2021 cRyp70s answer
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