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Expected array-like (array or non-string sequence), got %r

Exception Class:

Raise code

""" type_of_target(np.array([[0, 1], [1, 1]]))
    valid = ((isinstance(y, (Sequence, spmatrix)) or hasattr(y, '__array__'))
             and not isinstance(y, str))

    if not valid:
        raise ValueError('Expected array-like (array or non-string sequence), '
                         'got %r' % y)

    sparse_pandas = (y.__class__.__name__ in ['SparseSeries', 'SparseArray'])
    if sparse_pandas:
        raise ValueError("y cannot be class 'SparseSeries' or 'SparseArray'")

    if is_multilabel(y):
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Jul 02, 2022 amitapatnaik.1812 answer

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