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Invalid unit (valid units are `days`, `hours`, and `minutes`)

Exception Class:

Raise code

""" difference between `:MM` and `:SS` is inferred from the
            selected time-unit (e.g. `every()':30')` vs.

        :return: The invoked job instance
        if self.unit not in ("days", "hours", "minutes") and not self.start_day:
            raise ScheduleValueError(
                "Invalid unit (valid units are `days`, `hours`, and `minutes`)"
        if not isinstance(time_str, str):
            raise TypeError("at() should be passed a string")
        if self.unit == "days" or self.start_day:
            if not re.match(r"^([0-2]\d:)?[0-5]\d:[0-5]\d$", time_str):
                raise ScheduleValueError(
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