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cannot encode objects that are not 2-tuples

Exception Class:

Raise code


    :rtype: OrderedDict
    if value is None:
        return None

    if isinstance(value, (str, bytes, bool, int)):
        raise ValueError('cannot encode objects that are not 2-tuples')

    return OrderedDict(value)

def to_key_val_list(value):
    """Take an object and test to see if it can be represented as a
    dictionary. If it can be, return a list of tuples, e.g., """
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Ways to fix

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Arguments such as params, cookies and data must have values that are dict or can be converted to dicts (e.g a list of 2-tuples)


import requests
requests.get("", params="param1") # param cannot be converted to dict


import requests
requests.get("", params={'param1':"true"}) # correct value for params
Jun 02, 2021 cRyp70s answer
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