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Truncated message.

Exception Class:

Raise code

      if self._InternalParse(serialized, 0, length) != length:
        # The only reason _InternalParse would return early is if it
        # encountered an end-group tag.
        raise message_mod.DecodeError('Unexpected end-group tag.')
    except (IndexError, TypeError):
      # Now ord(buf[p:p+1]) == ord('') gets TypeError.
      raise message_mod.DecodeError('Truncated message.')
    except struct.error as e:
      raise message_mod.DecodeError(e)
    return length   # Return this for legacy reasons.
  cls.MergeFromString = MergeFromString

  local_ReadTag = decoder.ReadTag
  local_SkipField = decoder.SkipField

Comment explaining raise

Now ord(buf[p:p+1]) == ord('') gets TypeError.

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