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String missing ending quote: %r

Exception Class:

Raise code

      ParseError: When the wrong format data is found.
    text = self.token
    if len(text) < 1 or text[0] not in _QUOTES:
      raise self.ParseError('Expected string but found: %r' % (text,))

    if len(text) < 2 or text[-1] != text[0]:
      raise self.ParseError('String missing ending quote: %r' % (text,))

      result = text_encoding.CUnescape(text[1:-1])
    except ValueError as e:
      raise self.ParseError(str(e))
    return result
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Ways to fix

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This exception occurs when an Instance of Tokenizer is created and the _ConsumeStingleByteString function is called. When creating an instance of the Tokenizer object, you must pass in a list of Strings. These strings must each have open and closing quotation marks around them. If one of them doesn't have a closing quotation mark then this exception is thrown. It doesn't matter if you use single or double quotes to declare the value as a string as long as the opposite type is inside of it.

Code to Reproduce the Error (WRONG):

from google.protobuf.text_format import Tokenizer
# Hello missing end quote
tok = Tokenizer(['"Hello','"Fix"', "'Exception"])

Working Version (Fixed):

from google.protobuf.text_format import Tokenizer
# Hello has both quotes
tok = Tokenizer(['"Hello"','"Fix"', "'Exception"]) 
Jul 10, 2021 codingcomedyig answer

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