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Missing group end tag.

Exception Class:

Raise code

        if value is None:
          value = field_dict.setdefault(key, new_default(message))
        # Read sub-message.
        pos = value.add()._InternalParse(buffer, pos, end)
        # Read end tag.
        new_pos = pos+end_tag_len
        if buffer[pos:new_pos] != end_tag_bytes or new_pos > end:
          raise _DecodeError('Missing group end tag.')
        # Predict that the next tag is another copy of the same repeated field.
        pos = new_pos + tag_len
        if buffer[new_pos:pos] != tag_bytes or new_pos == end:
          # Prediction failed.  Return.
          return new_pos
    return DecodeRepeatedField
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