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arrays used as indices must be of integer or boolean type

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Exception Class:

Raise code

            indexer = np.asarray(indexer, dtype=np.intp)
        except ValueError as err:
            raise ValueError(
                "Cannot index with an integer indexer containing NA values"
            ) from err
        raise IndexError("arrays used as indices must be of integer or boolean type")

    return indexer
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Ways to fix

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Error code:

import pandas as pd 

indexer = pd.array(['one','two'])
arr = pd.array([123])
pd.api.indexers.check_array_indexer(arr, indexer)

check_array_indexer checks if indexer is a valid array indexer for array. Take 2 arguments: an array that is being indexed and an indexer that is used to index. The error comes when the indexer has a different data type than integer and boolean.

Fix code:

import pandas as pd 

indexer = pd.array([0,2])
arr = pd.array([123])
pd.api.indexers.check_array_indexer(arr, indexer)
Jul 20, 2021 anonim answer
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