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Not a valid numpy version string

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Exception Class:

Raise code



    def __init__(self, vstring):
        self.vstring = vstring
        ver_main = re.match(r'\d\.\d+\.\d+', vstring)
        if not ver_main:
            raise ValueError("Not a valid numpy version string")

        self.version =
        self.major, self.minor, self.bugfix = [int(x) for x in
        if len(vstring) == ver_main.end():
            self.pre_release = 'final'
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Ways to fix

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Summary: In order to avoid this exception, make sure the NumPy version passed as a parameter is valid. It must be a digit followed by a period, followed by one or more digits followed by another period, and end with one or more digits.

For example: 
	1.9.0 or 1.19.3 are Valid 
	But 1.3 or 1.9.0. (with an extra period in the end) are Invalid

Code to Reproduce the Error (WRONG):

from numpy.lib import NumpyVersion
# Missing third digit or group of digits
nv = NumpyVersion('1.9')

Working Version (Fixed):

from numpy.lib import NumpyVersion
nv = NumpyVersion('1.9.0')

Jul 03, 2021 codingcomedyig answer

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