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(param1) is not supported on this database backend.

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Exception Class:

Raise code

            for_update_part = None
            # Is a LIMIT/OFFSET clause needed?
            with_limit_offset = with_limits and (self.query.high_mark is not None or self.query.low_mark)
            combinator = self.query.combinator
            features = self.connection.features
            if combinator:
                if not getattr(features, 'supports_select_{}'.format(combinator)):
                    raise NotSupportedError('{} is not supported on this database backend.'.format(combinator))
                result, params = self.get_combinator_sql(combinator, self.query.combinator_all)
                distinct_fields, distinct_params = self.get_distinct()
                # This must come after 'select', 'ordering', and 'distinct'
                # (see docstring of get_from_clause() for details).
                from_, f_params = self.get_from_clause()
                where, w_params = self.compile(self.where) if self.where is not None else ("", [])
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