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Invalid GeoIP country and city data files.

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Exception Class:

Raise code

"Check the query and database availability."
        # Making sure a string was passed in for the query.
        if not isinstance(query, str):
            raise TypeError('GeoIP query must be a string, not type %s' % type(query).__name__)

        # Extra checks for the existence of country and city databases.
        if city_or_country and not (self._country or self._city):
            raise GeoIP2Exception('Invalid GeoIP country and city data files.')
        elif country and not self._country:
            raise GeoIP2Exception('Invalid GeoIP country data file: %s' % self._country_file)
        elif city and not self._city:
            raise GeoIP2Exception('Invalid GeoIP city data file: %s' % self._city_file)

        # Return the query string back to the caller. GeoIP2 only takes IP addresses.
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