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unable to rollover, time specification is probably invalid

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Exception Class:

Raise code

if datedata.moy == len(months_of_year):
                        datedata.moy = 0
                        datedata.year += 1
                # Tried 2000 times, we're most likely in an infinite loop
                raise RuntimeError('unable to rollover, '
                                   'time specification is probably invalid')

        if last_run_at.month in self.month_of_year:
            datedata.dom = bisect(days_of_month,
            datedata.moy = bisect_left(months_of_year, last_run_at.month)
            datedata.dom = 0

Comment explaining raise

Tried 2000 times, we're most likely in an infinite loop

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Ways to fix

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The exception is thrown when dealing with the celery schedule. So that, creating a crontab with an empty list of day_of_month parameter causes an error.

A Crontab can be used as the run_every value of a periodic task entry to add crontab(5)-like scheduling.

To Reproduce an error

from celery.schedules import crontab
import datetime 

crona = crontab(minute=1,day_of_month=[])

is_due method returns (is_due, next_time_to_check).

For example: `(True, 20)`, means the task should be run now, and the next time to check is in 20 seconds

The exception is raised within function called roll_over()

def roll_over():
    for _ in range(2000):
        flag = (datedata.dom == len(days_of_month) or
                                  days_of_month[datedata.dom]) or

        if flag:
            datedata.dom = 0
            datedata.moy += 1
            if datedata.moy == len(months_of_year):
                datedata.moy = 0
                datedata.year += 1
        # Tried 2000 times, we're most likely in an infinite loop
        raise RuntimeError('unable to rollover, '
                            'time specification is probably invalid')

When empty days are passed within the loop, 2000 times flag variable is being True and loop is not breaking, That's why is code goes to else block and raise an error.

Fix Code

from celery.schedules import crontab
import datetime 

crona = crontab(minute=1,day_of_month=[2,5,6])

Sep 22, 2021 anonim answer
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