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subelements lookup expects a dictionary, got '%s'

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Exception Class:

Raise code

        if not isinstance(flags, dict) and not all([isinstance(key, string_types) and key in FLAGS for key in flags]):
            _raise_terms_error("the optional third item must be a dict with flags %s" % FLAGS)

        # build_items
        ret = []
        for item0 in elementlist:
            if not isinstance(item0, dict):
                raise AnsibleError("subelements lookup expects a dictionary, got '%s'" % item0)
            if item0.get('skipped', False) is not False:
                # this particular item is to be skipped

            skip_missing = boolean(flags.get('skip_missing', False), strict=False)
            subvalue = item0
            lastsubkey = False
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